IGMP snooping commands
display igmp-snooping
display igmp-snooping group
display igmp-snooping host-tracking
display igmp-snooping router-port
display igmp-snooping static-group
display igmp-snooping static-router-port
display igmp-snooping statistics
display l2-multicast fast-forwarding cache
display l2-multicast ip
display l2-multicast ip forwarding
display l2-multicast mac
display l2-multicast mac forwarding
display mac-address multicast
dot1p-priority (IGMP-snooping view)
enable (IGMP-snooping view)
entry-limit (IGMP-snooping view)
fast-leave (IGMP-snooping view)
group-policy (IGMP-snooping view)
host-aging-time (IGMP-snooping view)
host-tracking (IGMP-snooping view)
igmp-snooping cvid-forward
igmp-snooping dot1p-priority
igmp-snooping drop-unknown
igmp-snooping enable
igmp-snooping fast-leave
igmp-snooping general-query source-ip
igmp-snooping group-limit
igmp-snooping group-policy
igmp-snooping host-aging-time
igmp-snooping host-join
igmp-snooping host-tracking
igmp-snooping last-member-query-interval
igmp-snooping leave source-ip
igmp-snooping max-response-time
igmp-snooping overflow-replace
igmp-snooping proxy enable
igmp-snooping querier
igmp-snooping query-interval
igmp-snooping report source-ip
igmp-snooping router-aging-time
igmp-snooping router-port-deny
igmp-snooping source-deny
igmp-snooping special-query source-ip
igmp-snooping static-group
igmp-snooping static-router-port
igmp-snooping version
last-member-query-interval (IGMP-snooping view)
mac-address multicast
max-response-time (IGMP-snooping view)
overflow-replace (IGMP-snooping view)
report-aggregation (IGMP-snooping view)
reset igmp-snooping group
reset igmp-snooping router-port
reset igmp-snooping statistics
reset l2-multicast fast-forwarding cache
router-aging-time (IGMP-snooping view)
source-deny (IGMP-snooping view)
version (IGMP-snooping view)
PIM snooping commands
display pim-snooping neighbor
display pim-snooping router-port
display pim-snooping routing-table
display pim-snooping statistics
pim-snooping enable
pim-snooping graceful-restart join-aging-time
pim-snooping graceful-restart neighbor-aging-time
reset pim-snooping statistics
Multicast VLAN commands
display multicast-vlan
display multicast-vlan forwarding-table
display multicast-vlan group
multicast-vlan entry-limit
port (multicast-VLAN view)
port multicast-vlan
reset multicast-vlan group
subvlan (multicast-VLAN view)
Multicast routing and forwarding commands
delete ip rpf-route-static
display hardware-resource mcast
display mrib interface
display multicast boundary
display multicast fast-forwarding cache
display multicast forwarding df-info
display multicast forwarding event
display multicast forwarding-table
display multicast forwarding-table df-list
display multicast routing-table
display multicast routing-table static
display multicast rpf-info
hardware-resource mcast
ip rpf-route-static
load-splitting (MRIB view)
longest-match (MRIB view)
multicast boundary
multicast routing
reset multicast fast-forwarding cache
reset multicast forwarding event
reset multicast forwarding-table
reset multicast routing-table
IGMP commands
display igmp group
display igmp interface
display igmp proxy group
display igmp proxy routing-table
display igmp ssm-mapping
igmp enable
igmp fast-leave
igmp group-policy
igmp last-member-query-count
igmp last-member-query-interval
igmp max-response-time
igmp non-stop-routing
igmp other-querier-present-interval
igmp proxy enable
igmp proxy forwarding
igmp query-interval
igmp robust-count
igmp startup-query-count
igmp startup-query-interval
igmp static-group
igmp version
last-member-query-count (IGMP view)
last-member-query-interval (IGMP view)
max-response-time (IGMP view)
other-querier-present-interval (IGMP view)
proxy multipath (IGMP view)
query-interval (IGMP view)
reset igmp group
robust-count (IGMP view)
ssm-mapping (IGMP view)
startup-query-count (IGMP view)
startup-query-interval (IGMP view)
PIM commands
anycast-rp (PIM view)
auto-rp enable (PIM view)
bidir-pim enable (PIM view)
bidir-rp-limit (PIM view)
bsm-fragment enable (PIM view)
bsm-reflection enable (PIM view)
bsr-policy (PIM view)
c-bsr (PIM view)
c-rp (PIM view)
crp-policy (PIM view)
display interface register-tunnel
display pim bsr-info
display pim claimed-route
display pim c-rp
display pim df-info
display pim interface
display pim neighbor
display pim routing-table
display pim rp-info
display pim statistics
hello-option dr-priority (PIM view)
hello-option holdtime (PIM view)
hello-option lan-delay (PIM view)
hello-option neighbor-tracking (PIM view)
hello-option override-interval (PIM view)
holdtime join-prune (PIM view)
jp-pkt-size (PIM view)
pim bfd enable
pim bsr-boundary
pim dm
pim hello-option dr-priority
pim hello-option holdtime
pim hello-option lan-delay
pim hello-option neighbor-tracking
pim hello-option override-interval
pim holdtime join-prune
pim neighbor-policy
pim non-stop-routing
pim passive
pim require-genid
pim sm
pim state-refresh-capable
pim timer graft-retry
pim timer hello
pim timer join-prune
pim triggered-hello-delay
register-policy (PIM view)
register-suppression-timeout (PIM view)
register-whole-checksum (PIM view)
snmp-agent trap enable pim
source-lifetime (PIM view)
source-policy (PIM view)
spt-switch-threshold (PIM view)
ssm-policy (PIM view)
state-refresh-interval (PIM view)
state-refresh-rate-limit (PIM view)
state-refresh-ttl (PIM view)
static-rp (PIM view)
timer hello (PIM view)
timer join-prune (PIM view)
MSDP commands
display msdp brief
display msdp non-stop-routing status
display msdp peer-status
display msdp sa-cache
display msdp sa-count
msdp non-stop-routing
peer description
peer mesh-group
peer minimum-ttl
peer password
peer request-sa-enable
peer sa-cache-maximum
peer sa-policy
peer sa-request-policy
reset msdp peer
reset msdp sa-cache
reset msdp statistics
shutdown (MSDP view)
timer keepalive
timer retry
MLD snooping commands
display ipv6 l2-multicast fast-forwarding cache
display ipv6 l2-multicast ip
display ipv6 l2-multicast ip forwarding
display ipv6 l2-multicast mac
display ipv6 l2-multicast mac forwarding
display mld-snooping
display mld-snooping group
display mld-snooping host-tracking
display mld-snooping router-port
display mld-snooping static-group
display mld-snooping static-router-port
display mld-snooping statistics
dot1p-priority (MLD-snooping view)
enable (MLD-snooping view)
entry-limit (MLD-snooping view)
fast-leave (MLD-snooping view)
group-policy (MLD-snooping view)
host-aging-time (MLD-snooping view)
host-tracking (MLD-snooping view)
last-listener-query-interval (MLD-snooping view)
max-response-time (MLD-snooping view)
mld-snooping cvid-forward
mld-snooping done source-ip
mld-snooping dot1p-priority
mld-snooping drop-unknown
mld-snooping enable
mld-snooping fast-leave
mld-snooping general-query source-ip
mld-snooping group-limit
mld-snooping group-policy
mld-snooping host-aging-time
mld-snooping host-join
mld-snooping host-tracking
mld-snooping last-listener-query-interval
mld-snooping max-response-time
mld-snooping overflow-replace
mld-snooping proxy enable
mld-snooping querier
mld-snooping query-interval
mld-snooping report source-ip
mld-snooping router-aging-time
mld-snooping router-port-deny
mld-snooping source-deny
mld-snooping special-query source-ip
mld-snooping static-group
mld-snooping static-router-port
overflow-replace (MLD-snooping view)
report-aggregation (MLD-snooping view)
reset ipv6 l2-multicast fast-forwarding cache
reset mld-snooping group
reset mld-snooping router-port
reset mld-snooping statistics
router-aging-time (MLD-snooping view)
source-deny (MLD-snooping view)
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