Create a backup policy

Procedure overview

Create a backup policy to back up virtual machines on a recurring schedule. For example, create a backup every day and retain it for one month. Consider a backup strategy that makes sense for your business.

For more detailed information on backups, backup strategies and guidelines, refer to the OmniStack online Help and the HPE OmniStack for vSphere Administration Guide.


  1. Click Backup Policies > Create Backup Policy.
  2. Enter a meaningful name for the policy in Policy Name, and then click Create Rule.
  3. Specify the following information to configure nightly backups with a 1 month (30 days) retention period:
    • Frequency: Specify how often backups occur. Specify 1 for Days.

    • Retain Backup For: Specify how long to keep the backups before OmniStack deletes them automatically. Specify 1 for Months.

    • Destination Cluster: Specify the cluster where you want the backup to be stored.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Accept the default values for all fields:
    • Server Local Time Start: Specify when the backups start.

    • Server Local Time Stop: Specify when the backups stop.

    • Days: Choose the days of the week or month to create the backups.

    • Application Consistent: Select to back up application data on the virtual machines with the contents of the memory and any pending writes. If selected, it uses the default snapshot method to create the application-consistent backup.

  6. Click OK to add the rule to the backup policy.

  7. Click OK to create the backup policy and rule.

Next steps

You now have a new backup policy for nightly backups, but you need to apply the policy to a datastore to back up its virtual machines.

See Create a datastore.