Create a datastore

Before you begin

You have created a backup policy. See Create a backup policy.

Procedure overview

You create at least one datastore for each cluster to store virtual machine files. The datastore is accessible to all HPE OmniStack hosts in the cluster where you create it. Datastores provide shared storage to all virtual machines on the hosts. You can create more backup policies and change the policy that the datastore uses based on your business needs.


  1. Click Datastores > Create Datastore.
  2. Specify the following information to configure the datastore:
    • Cluster Name: Specify the cluster where you want the datastore to reside.

    • New Datastore Name: Specify a meaningful name for the datastore. It cannot include these special characters: /,\,[ ],%.

    • Default backup policy: Specify an existing backup policy to apply to the datastore. You can click Create to create a backup policy you want to use. The policy applies to all virtual machines created in the datastore.

    • Size: Specify the storage capacity size of the datastore.

  3. Click OK to create the datastore.

Next steps

You can now use vSphere Web Client to create virtual machines on the datastore or move existing virtual machines to it.

For detailed instructions on presenting a datastore to other ESXi hosts, see the HPE OmniStack for vSphere Administration Guide.