Move a virtual machine to another datastore

Before you begin

You have a datastore, containing one or more virtual machines, and another datastore to which to move one of the virtual machines. See Create a datastore.

Procedure overview

You move a virtual machine to another datastore when its current datastore is low on storage capacity or based on the needs of your business.

This procedure explains how to move a virtual machine between datastores that reside in the same cluster on HPE OmniStack hosts located in the same physical location. Moving a virtual machine to a remote datastore located in a different geographic location the very first time, depending on the size of the virtual machine files, can take a very long time to complete, since the data has not yet been written to the remote hosts.


  1. Click Virtual Machines.
  2. Right-click the virtual machine you want to move and click All HPE SimpliVity Actions > Move Virtual Machine.
  3. Optional: The New VM Name field displays the current virtual machine name by default. If you want to rename the virtual machine, enter the new name here.
  4. From the Destinaton Datastore menu, select the datastore for the virtual machine.

    You can filter datastore names by entering a string in the Destination Datastore field. For example, typing 2GB in the field limits the listing to datastores with names that begin with 2GB. This may be useful if you have a large set of datastores.

  5. Click OK.