Restore a virtual machine from a backup

Before you begin

Ensure a backup of the virtual machine you want to restore exists.See Back up virtual machines manually.

Procedure overview

This task explains how to restore virtual machine data by creating a virtual machine from a backup.

For information on creating a virtual machine template from a backup or replacing data in an existing virtual machine or template from a backup, see the HPE OmniStack for vSphere Administration Guide.


  1. Click Virtual Machines.
  2. Right-click a virtual machine, and then select All HPE SimpliVity Actions > Search Backups.
  3. Select the backup from which you want to restore the virtual machine.
  4. Click Backup Actions > Restore Virtual Machine.
  5. Specify the following information for Create a new virtual machine:
    • New Virtual Machine Name: A meaningful name for the new virtual machine or accept the default, which is the timestamp of the restore. The name cannot contain special characters, such as: /, \, [, ], %, or spaces.

    • Destination Datastore: The datastore on which to create the virtual machine.

  6. Click OK.