Resize a datastore

Before you begin

You have a datastore that contains one or more virtual machines. See Create a datastore.

Procedure overview

You can change the storage capacity of your federation datastore to accommodate the storage needs of the hosted virtual machines. The virtual machines can remain powered-on during resizing.


  1. Click Datastores.
  2. Right-click the datastore you want to resize, and then select All HPE SimpliVity Actions > Online Resize.
  3. In the New Capacity field, enter a new size (1GB to 1024TB) for the datstore.

    You cannot set the datastore size to a value that is less than the logical space needed for the existing virtual machines. For example, if the Used field shows a size of 150GB, you cannot set the size to 100GB.

  4. Click OK to resize the datastore.