About the InstallDBS script

When installing DBS, resources are configured for its use in the DBS environment. Two configuration files for general and volume configuration must be specified at the time of installation. System resources allocated for DBS are stored in metadata tables. When you install DBS, the metadata tables are populated based on the information provided in configuration files. SQL/MX DBS depends on Safeguard and MXCS for configuration.

The InstallDBS script is located in the /usr/tandem/sqlmx/bin folder. Run this script to perform initial configuration of the DBS environment.

The InstallDBS script validates the following:
  • SUPER.SUPER who holds SQL/MX security administrator rights has initiated the install.

  • Specified configuration files exist.

  • Required configuration items are populated.

  • Number and interval formats are correct.

  • User group prefix has a maximum of five characters.

  • Configured CPUs are running on the system.

  • Configured data volumes are TMF data volumes.

Specified Safeguard groups and users, datasources, and OSS home directory must not exist at the time of installation.