Installing and configuring the DBS environment

Pre-installation tasks

The DBS features are supported only on system schema version 3500 onwards. To use DBS and MT features on systems where SQL/MX is already initialized, the system catalog must be upgraded to current schema version 3500.

If you are upgrading an existing system from a release prior to SQL/MX 3.5, the system must be first configured for External Username feature using the new InstallSqlmx command-line option -e. For new installation, the system is configured for External Username even if the -e option is not specified. If the -e option is not specified for new installation, External Username is considered case-insensitive.

The InstallSqlmx script in the /usr/tandem/sqlmx/bin folder performs the initial configuration of the DBS environment. Users not using DBS need not run the script, in which case all of the metadata tables in the SYSTEM_DBS_SCHEMA will be empty.

Log in to the system as SUPER.SUPER.
The following software must be installed on the system:
  • NonStop Python bundled with OSS Scripting Languages (T1203)

  • Safeguard

  • SQL/MX Release 3.5


  1. Go to the /usr/tandem/sqlmx/bin folder.
  2. Run the InstallSqlmx script specifying the general and volume configuration files, and the admin password. See the sample general config file and the sample volume config file. Modify the sample configuration files to suit your DBS environment.
    InstallDBS -config general-config-file -vols volume-config-file -adminPW admin-password