mxdbs db-alter-share


mxdbs db-alter-share [-h | --help] database_name { share | unshare }


The mxdbs db-alter-share sub-command alters the shared property of a database. Sharing a database enables the following actions:
  • The users of other databases can access the metadata of the shared database.

  • Users of shared database can grant privileges on database objects to users or privilege groups of other database.

  • Users of other database can access objects in the shared database, provide appropriate access privileges are granted on the database objects.


Specifies the name of the database.
share | unshare
Indicates whether to share the database or not.


-h | --help
Displays the help message and exits.


  • The users of the shared database cannot grant DDL privileges to users or privilege groups of other databases.

  • The users of the shared database must provide explicit DML access privileges to the users of other databases for accessing shared database objects.

  • Sharing a database will not permit users of other database to connect to the shared database. If appropriate privileges are granted, users of other databases must connect to the database they are associated with and then access objects on shared database through DML access only.

  • Database cannot be unshared if there are privileges granted to users or privilege groups of other databases.

Example input and output

The following command shares a database.

mxdbs db-alter-share db1 share
Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop(TM) SQL/MX DBS Client 3.5
(c) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

db-alter-share command started.

---  mxdbs operation complete.