InstallDBS [-help | -h] [ run-options ]
run-options are: -vols volume-config-file
-config general-config-file
-adminPW password


The InstallDBS script configures the initial DBS environment. Option names are not case-sensitive, whereas option values are case-sensitive.


-vols volume-config-file
Specifies the volume configuration file that contains a list of data volumes for user database use, formatted the way TMFCOM STATUS DATAVOLS output is formatted. The InstallDBS script adds the specified volumes. See the sample volume configuration file. If this option is not specified, by default, InstallDBS configures all TMF data volumes except:
  • $SYSTEM and $DSMSCM if the volumes exist as TMF data volumes.

  • Volumes where the largest free extent is less than 10 Gb.

-config general-config-file
Specifies the general configuration file that contains configuration settings except data volumes. See the sample general configuration file. If this option is not specified, InstallDBS uses the default values as described in the DBS configuration settings section.
-adminPW password
Specifies the password for the initial tenant administrator user. The default password is 'xyzzy'.


-help | -h
Display help message and exit.
Validates the specified information without configuring the settings.
Reverts the DBS installation, cleaning up DBS metadata, Safeguard, and MXCS configuration. The global administrative capabilities are reset. Do not use this option when databases are configured on the system. However, in cases where the script cannot get the previous global setting, the following are not cleaned up:
  • SQL/MX CREATE CATALOG and security administrator capabilities for SUPER.SUPER.

  • Safeguard object type 'user' and 'volume', and security group 'security-persistence-admin'.


  • The password is assigned to the initial global DBS administrator user configured in the general-config-file. Ensure that the password conforms to the configured Safeguard rules for passwords.

  • The script requires SUPER.SUPER authority to run. SUPER.SUPER must be a SQL/MX security administrator.

  • The script populates DBS metadata based on the configuration settings. The initial global DBS administrator owns:
    • Configured volumes in Safeguard. No other users will have access or creation permissions on the configured volumes.

    • Guardian groups and users with password settings from general-config-file.

    • File-sharing groups.

    The script configures services and datasources in MXCS, and MXOAS processes as NSK persistent processes.
  • The script provides the initial global DBS administrator user with the following:
    • SQL/MX CREATE CATALOG and security administrator capabilities. If required, the script grants these capabilities to SUPER.SUPER.

    • MXCS operator permissions.

    • Safeguard permissions to manage volumes, users, groups, and NSK persistent processes.