mxdbs db-add-storage


mxdbs db-add-storage [-h | --help] database_name size


The mxdbs db-add-storage sub-command adds storage to the specified database.


Specifies the name of the database.
specifies the storage size in Gigabytes (GB) to be added to the database. The database size must be a numeric value between 1 and 102400.


-h | --help
Displays the help message and exits.


  • New volumes are not assigned if the requested additional storage can be accommodated from already associated data volumes.
  • Newly assigned volumes to the database are added to the CQDs such as POS_LOCATIONS, SCRATCH_DISKS in the MXCS datasource associated with the database. The new volumes added to these CQDs will not be immediately available to the applications accessing the database. Applications must reconnect to use the newly assigned volumes for table or index partitions. Existing database objects will not use the added volumes. Use the MODIFY REPARTITION operation to extend existing database objects to all configured volumes.
  • If enough volumes are not configured to meet the requested database size, an SQL error is returned and the operation fails.
  • The Safeguard file-sharing group associated with the database is added to the Safeguard ACLs of the assigned volumes with create (C) permission. Users can use the assigned volumes for table or index partitions.

Example input and output

The following command adds extra storage to the database.

mxdbs db-add-storage db1 300
Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop(TM) SQL/MX DBS Client 3.5
(c) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

db-add-storage command started.

---  mxdbs operation complete.

>>select * from db1.information_schema.db_storage;

-----------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  ------------

\DEMOHOST.$SAS3                  300000                202000                300000  Y           
\DEMOHOST.$SWAPA                 300000                198000                300000  Y           

--- 2 row(s) selected.