mxdbs show-databases


mxdbs show-databases [-h | --help]


The mxdbs show-databases sub-command displays all the databases on the system and the associated information such as UID, OSS directory. The command is available to all the users on the system and no special authorization is required. The default path to the OSS directory associated with the database is /mxdbsdata. Query the SYSTEM_DEFAULTS table if the path is not /mxdbsdata.


-h | --help
Displays the help message and exits.


  • The DATABASE_NAME column displays name of the databases in internal format.

  • The OSS_DIR column displays the OSS directory of the database created at the database creation time. The users of a database have access to the corresponding OSS directory. To know the configured OSS home path for the DBS, contact the global DBS administrator.

  • The last column IS_SHARED display indicates whether the database is shared or not.

Example input and output

The following command displays all the databases in the system:

mxdbs show-databases
Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop(TM) SQL/MX DBS Client 3.5
(c) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.

show-databases command started.

------------- ------------------- ------- ---------
A             2169168572707115573 DB1001  Y        
CATALOG       2162413288606298900 DB1002  N        
DB1           2166916935979634743 DB1003  N        

---  mxdbs operation complete.