Other management activities

Access to the database in DBS environment is allowed to users only through their corresponding External Usernames. The External Usernames cannot be used to access the NonStop server through SSH. Hence, only SUPER.SUPER user can perform platform services such as backup and restore of SQL/MX database objects, pak2/unpak2, or SQL/MX command-line utilities.

Backup and restore 2 (BR2) is not DBS aware and has the following limitations:
  • Only SUPER.SUPER user can back up a user database, that is, catalog associated with the database.

  • Backing up of user database will not back up associated privilege groups or users or metadata associated with the database in DBS environment.

The Remote Database Facility (RDF) is not DBS aware, that is, RDF replication of user database or objects does not automatically establish associations such as users and volumes associated with a database on the replication system.

Only SUPER.SUPER user can perform TMF recovery.