PL/MX and User Defined Functions

The Procedural Language for NonStop SQL/MX (PL/MX) is a procedural language that is similar in many respects to Oracle PL/SQL and ANSI SQL/PSM. You can create, use, and manage user defined functions (UDFs) in PL/MX. UDFs provide a way to implement custom business logic that becomes part of the database. Like functions in other programming languages, UDFs accept parameters and return scalar values. UDFs are true stored functions in that both the source and object code are stored and maintained completely within the database. For that reason, UDFs are sometimes referred to as stored functions.

For more information on PL/MX and programming functions using PL/MX, see the SQL/MX 3.5 Procedural Language for NonStop SQL/MX (PL/MX) Reference Manual.