AF_UNIX Protocol Support

ODBC/MX supports AF_UNIX protocol for communication between OSS ODBC/MX driver and ODBC/MX Server to ensure that database connections are not affected with CLIM failures.

To use the AF_UNIX sockets, add the following EVAR to the datasource configuration:
MXCS>ADD evar <DS Name>.AF_UNIX,type SET, value 'TRUE';
For example,
CS>add evar C1.AF_UNIX,type SET, value 'TRUE';
-- ADD EVAR \NBSTS07.$JVN.C1.AF_UNIX Successful

Unix socket files are created with the name of the process ID under /usr/tmp after setting the EVAR and restarting the data source. You must have appropriate permissions (read, write) on /usr/tmp directory for Unix socket file creation. The socket file is deleted when ODBC/MX server terminates. The data source configured to use AF_UNIX socket must be used only by OSS ODBC/MX driver on the same system.


The datasource must be restarted after an ADD/ALTER/DELETE EVAR to set, modify, or remove AF_UNIX EVAR.

If the ODBC/MX server terminates abnormally, the socket file must be deleted manually.