MXOAS enhancement to listen on Configurable IP Addresses

MXOAS is enhanced to listen on configurable IP addresses. Multiple instances of MXOAS can be run on the same system with different IP addresses on the same or different port.

The administrator can specify the IP address using the -ip tag while starting MXOAS. For example,
run  MXOAS /name $L35, nowait /-pn 12222 -ip

If an IP address is explicitly provided, MXOAS listens on the provided IP address, else it will listen on all the IP addresses on the system. The provided IP address must be present on the system and must be a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address. If an instance of MXOAS is listening on a port with configurable IP address, you cannot start another MXOAS instance to listen on the same port without configuring the IP address.

The following commands will display the details of MXOAS services along with the IP address:

Info service <service name>, detail;

Info service *, detail;

For MXOAS services not listening on configured IP addresses, the IP address tag is not displayed in mxci. MXDM displays the IP address along with the port number when connected to MXOAS services listening on configured IP addresses.