Unable to access Image Streamer appliance from HPE OneView


Unable to access an Image Streamer appliance from HPE OneView.

Solution 1

The Image Streamer management network is not consistent with HPE OneView user interface settings.

Check that the HPE OneView user interface network settings are not changed
Solution 2

The Image Streamer appliance is in the process of failover or reboot.

  1. Wait for the failover or reboot to complete. It may take approximately 15-20 minutes for a failover to complete successfully.
  2. Verify the status of the failover operation using the Maintenance console.


  1. NOTE:

    Use this option last after checking the other options provided.

    Check the primary appliance status using Maintenance console to ensure that the appliance is not amidst any operation.
  2. If a secondary logical enclosure configured with an Image Streamer appliance exists, change the primary appliance from the HPE OneView OS deployment server page.