Troubleshooting Image Streamer

Image Streamer OS deployment server has different troubleshooting mechanisms that help you to resolve issues. You can obtain a history of activity and encountered errors by examining the screens and activity logs using the Image Streamer user interface.

  • Activity details provide additional information about actions and any issues that might have occurred. To view the activity details, from the main menu select Activity.

  • Deployment failures might be related to script problems. Review the deployment and capture activity details to view the errors from script execution. You can download the deployment and capture logs using the download link available in the activity description.

  • Refer to the alerts that you notice in the Image Streamer Deployment Appliances page. You can also view the Image Streamer Dashboard to get the status of the various resources.

  • You can refer to the alerts that you notice in HPE OneView to understand the issues with Image Streamer.

  • If you are unable to troubleshoot an issue, then create a support dump to gather logs and other information required to debug. The support dump file can then be shared with your authorized support representative for analysis.