Problems in the functioning of the Image Streamer standby appliance


The standby appliance is either unavailable or cannot be activated.

Solution 1

The synchronization between the active and standby appliances is in progress. This synchronization might be triggered when the active-standby cluster is reformed after a reboot or a reinsert of the appliance.

No action required. Wait until the changes performed on the active appliance have synchronized with the standby appliance.

The wait time depends on the amount of data undergoing synchronization. Typically, it might take 60-90 minutes.

Solution 2

The appliance bay where the standby appliance is present is not functioning.

  1. Check for appliance bay error messages in the Activity screen of HPE OneView user interface.
  2. Move the standby appliance to a different enclosure in the same interconnect link topology with a similar configuration of the other standby appliances.
Solution 3

The standby appliance malfunctions.

Replace the standby appliance.