Editing throughput and performance tuning on an RCIP target

  1. Stop all Remote Copy groups using the target.
  2. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Configurations under DATA PROTECTION.
  3. In the list pane, select a Remote Copy configuration, and then select Actions > Edit Target.
  4. Click Advanced options.

    Link Characteristics displays.

  5. (Optional) Change Throughput:
    1. Click Enable and enter the maximum throughput limit and size unit within the allowed range.
    2. Or, click Disable if you want to remove throughput limits.
  6. (Optional) Change Performance tuning:
    1. Click Automatic for the system to automatically tune performance.
    2. Or, click User defined to manually specify the values or restore to default values.
    3. Enter your own bandwidth and latency values, or click Restore default values to allow the system to set the values.
  7. Click OK.

    The system might show a degraded state momentarily while the changes are being made.

  8. Start all Remote Copy groups using the target.