Converting an existing Peer Persistence configuration to a 3DC PP configuration

A three data center Peer Persistence (3DC PP) configuration provides synchronous replication over a metro distance and asynchronous periodic replication over a continental distance.

For example, SystemA and SystemB are set up in a 1-to-1 Peer Persistence configuration. SystemC is the tertiary system.

The tertiary site has met the HPE Primera Remote Copy requirements, the ports have been physically cabled, and the links have been configured correctly.
  1. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Configurations under DATA PROTECTION.
  2. Select the existing Peer Persistence configuration, and then select Actions > Edit.
  3. Click +Add a system and then choose the tertiary system from the drop-down list.
  4. Create links and targets between the tertiary system and the other two systems.
    1. Select a minimum of two RCIP or RCFC ports between each system.

      To see only RCIP or RCFC ports, you can select IP or FC for Show only these port types.

    2. To use the same port to connect two systems, select the port again and then select Add a link to the port in the Select Actions dialog box. Then, click Continue.
    3. If you selected an incorrect link, select the port and then select Remove link in the Select Actions dialog box. Then, click Continue.

    As a best practice, ensure all Remote Copy ports used by a target operate at the same speed.

  5. Create a 3DC PP Remote Copy group.