Unified Administrator User

Use the appliance credentials to log in to the Administrator Console from HPE SSMC 3.6 and later. HPE 3PAR Login Console does not prompt you to set admin credentials on first use.

When you upgrade from the previous versions to HPE SSMC 3.6, the administrator accounts from prior versions are not available. Use the ssmcadmin account to log in to the administrator console.

You can set the credentials for HPE SSMC Administrator user account at the time of appliance deployment. The administrator retains access to admin console session as long as that authenticated web session is active. The session is valid even if the password is reset (using TUI) in the background when the web session is active.

You can reset the Administrator console password using the Forgot Passord link available to an administrator.

Learn more: Resetting password for Administrator console, Editing Preferences.