Parameter descriptions in input_vars.yaml file

The following are the parameter descriptions in the sample input_vars.yaml file:

Parameter Description
proxy_port Organizational proxy port number
proxy_user Organizational username
proxy_password Organizational proxy password
proxy_ip Organizational proxy IPv4 address
username Username for private registry server
password Password for private registry server
registry_host_fqdn FQDN of server on which registry container is executed
port Dynamic port number for registry server
C Country name (2 letter code). For example, IN for India.
ST State or province name
L Locality name
O Organization name
OU Organizational unit name
duration Number of days till this certificate is valid
email_address Email address field of the certificate signing request subject
username Red Hat customer portal username
password Red Hat customer portal password
poolid Virtual pool ID with OpenShift entitlements
openshift_client_path Absolute path of openshift client binary downloaded from the Red Hat portal
pull_secret_path Absolute path of pull-secret.txt downloaded from the Red Hat portal
openshift_version OpenShift image tag version. This version must match the openshift-client version that is used and the tag must contain x86_64 in the name. URL to the tag:

For example: 4.3.10-x86_64

registry_on_nps Keep it false if private registry is to be created on non-NPS server