Parameter descriptions in arguments.json file

Parameter Description
registry_hostname FQDN of the local registry server.
registry_port Port number on which the registry server is configured.
registry_username Username of the registry server.
registry_password Password of the registry server.
rh_account_username Username of the Red Hat customer portal.
rh_account_password Password of the Red Hat customer portal.
exclude_is Append this list any ImageStreams(IS) that are necessary to be skipped. Jenkins related IS are mandatorily to be skipped. Do not remove the default list values.
kubeconfig Absolute path of the kubeconfig file. Keep this field as empty ("") to mirror operator images.
ca_cert Path of the domain certificate created during the private registry configuration. The default path is /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/domain.crt.
cleanup Whether to remove images downloaded on the local server after pushing them to the registry server. Valid options are yes and no. If no is provided extra (~100Gb approx) storage will be consumed from the local server where this script is executed. The default value is yes.
tag RHOCP cluster major version to mirror the operators.