HPE DL server cleanup procedure

  1. If the server is installed with an OS, do the following:
    1. Log in to the server.
    2. Display disk partitions using the following command:
      df -h
    3. Clean the disk one after the other using the following command:
      wipefs --all --force /dev/<disk>
      For example:
      wipefs --all --force /dev/sda
      wipefs --all --force /dev/sda1
      wipefs --all --force /dev/sda2
      wipefs --all --force /dev/sda3
    4. Reboot the server.
  2. Clean existing RAID configuration using the following steps:
    1. Log in to iLO > Reset > F9 (System Utilities) > System configuration > Embedded RAID 1 : HPE Smart Array > Array Configuration > Manage Arrays > Select the array (say Array A) > Delete Array > Submit Changes.
    2. Reboot by reset iLO option.
    3. Reboot the server.
  3. Clean the physical drive using the following actions:
    1. Log in to iLO > Reset > F10 (Intelligent Provisioning) > Smart Storage Administration.
    2. Select Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen 10
    3. Ensure that logical drive is not present. If the logical drive is present, follow Step 1.
    4. Navigate to Configure Physical drives and select drive one after the other.
    5. Perform erase using Erase and select Three Passes - Random + Random + Erase all.
    6. Wait at least for a minute, stop erase, and click Finish.
  4. Ensure that no operating system boot uEFI tag is present before installing Red Hat Core OS.
    1. Reset iLO > System Utilities > System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Boot Order > UEFI Boot Settings > Delete Boot Option > Select Red Hat Enterprise Linux > Commit Changes and exit.