Assigning static iLO-OOBM IP address to DL servers

The static iLO-OOBM IP addresses must be assigned to all servers only if user is not using NPS toolkit DHCP service to set iLO IPs for all the other servers except NPS toolkit controller by enabling DHCP on the switch.

  • Retrieve the first available IP address, subnet mask and gateway for the iLO-OOBM network details.

  • Retrieve the credentials of the DL server Administrator user from the serial label pull tag of the DL1 server.

  1. Connect the DL server to your computer using the HPE USB to Ethernet Adapter cable to access iLO through the iLO service port.

    For more information about connecting to iLO, see Connecting a client to iLO through the iLO Service Port in the HPE iLO 5 1.20 User Guide here;
  2. Open a browser and log in to the iLO console of the DL server as an Administrator user.

    The password for the Administrator user is available in the serial label pull tag of the DL server.

  3. Power on the DL server.
  4. In the First Time Set Up Wizard, set the Time zone.
  5. Click Next and accept the EULA.
  6. Set the Server Role and click Next.
  7. Set ILO IP and the DHCP Auto-configuration options as disabled.
  8. Click Next and click Perform Maintenance.
  9. Reset the server.
  10. When the server is rebooting, press F9.
  11. In the System Utilities window, navigate to System Configuration > iLO 5 Configuration Utility > User Management. Add an additional user named admin with administrator privileges and create a unique password for this user.