Deleting workers nodes from cluster

Ensure that the node is available in the worker cluster
  1. Run the following NPS RHOCP command to delete work nodes from cluster:
    nps deploy -s rhocp -a remove-nodes -n <worker node1, worker node2..>
    For example:
    nps deploy –s rhocp –a remove-nodes -n
  2. Check the status using the following command:
    nps show --data vim

    Wait until the status is displayed as NODES_DELETED or NODES_DELETION_FAILED

    • If the state is displayed as NODES_DELETED:

      • All the mentioned nodes are successfully deleted from the cluster.

      • The nps updates the server vim state as DELETED after successful deletion of the server from the cluster.

    • If the state is displayed as NODES_DELETION_FAILED, see Nodes deletion failed.