Failure with switch synchronization


Switches in sync failure in CFM.

  • Switches are not using the same switch software version.

  • The switch cleanup is not proper.

  1. Ensure the input.json file is ready with the details.
  2. Clean up the CFM.
    1. Delete the CFM host running
      1. virsh list --all

      2. virsh destroy <cfm>

      3. virsh undefine <cfm>

    2. Delete the cfm.qcow2 and CFM.iso image to re-create the image during the CFM installation.
      cd /var/lib/libvirt/images/
      rm -rf cmf.qcow2 CFM.iso
  3. Delete the CFM entries from ODIM RA. See Cleaning up CFM entries from ODIM.
  4. Set up the Aruba switch initial configuration. See Setting up the initial configuration for Aruba switches.
  5. Perform the CFM installation. See Deploying Composable Fabric Manager.
  6. Create portmap. See Creating port map for switch automation.
  7. Set up the initial configuration using CFM. See Setting up CFM configuration for switch automation.
  8. Perform the switch automation. See Deploying switch configuration.