Unable to pull images to the image registry


If the script exits with the message "Timed out waiting for openshift-samples operator.", this means one or more images were not mirrored to the image registry. This may happen due to network glitches or some unknown reasons.

  1. From the logs, find the failed images:
    grep -i ‘Pulling failed’ samples-operator-$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).logs
    Pulling failed:===> docker pull registry.redhat.io/jboss-processserver-6/processserver64-openshift:1.3

    The samples-operator-xxxxx.log file is generated in the same directory where you execute the script. The log file also contains the complete command syntax.

  2. Copy and execute the following syntax on the registry node:
    docker pull registry.redhat.io/jboss-processserver-6/processserver64-openshift:1.3
  3. Once successfully pulled, obtain the image id:
    docker images
    Note the image id of the image pulled above.
  4. Tag the image with the registry FQDN and port:
    docker tag <image id> <registry-fqdn>:<registry-port>/<image-name-with-tag>
    For example,
    docker tag 218cc04063df foxfur.qa.com:50000/jboss-processserver-6/processserver64-openshift:1.3
  5. Push the image to the registry server:
    docker push <registry-fqdn>:<registry-port>/<image-name-with-tag>
    For example,
    docker push foxfur.qa.com:50000/jboss-processserver-6/processserver64-openshift:1.3