Cleaning up CFM entries from ODIM RA


In case of any failures in configuring CFM, you must redeploy and reconfigure CFM. Before redeployment, you must clean up the CFM entries in ODIM RA.

  1. Log in to the host machine where ODIM RA is deployed.
  2. Log in to Redis in memory db port 6379.
    docker exec -it redis_1 /bin/bash
    redis-cli –p 6379
    > keys *
  3. Delete the fabric and manager entry, if present.
    1. Locate the CFM manager by searching for the Keyword Managers.
    2. Ensure you identify the correct Manager by doing a GET operation and delete it.
      XX.XX.XX.XX:6379> GET Managers:/redfish/v1/Managers/8a655f11-07ec-4711-bcb0-03dce7e2bfe1
      "\"{\\\"\\\":\\\"/redfish/v1/Managers/8a655f11-07ec-4711-bcb0-03dce7e2bfe1\\\",\\\"@odata.type\\\":\\\"#Manager.v1_5_1.Manager\\\",\\\"Description\\\":\\\"Composable Fabric Manager\\\",\\\"EthernetInterfaces\\\":[],\\\"Firmware Version\\\":\\\"5.4.0\\\",\\\"Id\\\":\\\"8a655f11-07ec-4711-bcb0-03dce7e2bfe1\\\",\\\"Links\\\":{\\\"ManagerForSwitches\\\":[]},\\\"Name\\\":\\\"CFM\\\",\\\"PowerState\\\":\\\"On\\\",\\\"Status\\\":{\\\"Health\\\":\\\"OK\\\",\\\"State\\\":\\\"Enabled\\\"},\\\"UUID\\\":\\\"8a655f11-07ec-4711-bcb0-03dce7e2bfe1\\\"}\""

      The CFM keyword must be present in the GET operation.

      For example,
      del Managers:/redfish/v1/Managers/8a655f11-07ec-4711-bcb0-03dce7e2bfe1
      (integer) 1
    3. Delete the fabric entry.
      XX.XX.XX.XX:6379> del "Fabric:<FabricID>"
  4. Delete the plugin entry.
    redis-cli –p 6380
    > keys *
    Identify the CFM plugin and delete it as shown below:
    del "Plugin:CFM"