SDN User window

The SDN User window displays as an overlay on the controller screen.

User window screen details

SDN user window

SDN user window

Screen componentDescription

Logs the user out of the controller.


Links to websites outside of the controller:

SDN Information Library

Links to the information library on the HP Software-Defined Networking website. The HP SDN information library provides links to the technical documentation for the HP VAN SDN Controller and the HP SDN applications. The HP Software-Defined Networking website provides fact sheets, case studies, white papers, product summaries, technical and business documentation, and other information to help you identify SDN solutions for your business needs.

SDN Community

Links to the HP SDN community discussion forum website within the HP Enterprise Business Community. This site offers resources such as:

  • SDN discussion boards

  • SDN development information

  • An SDN knowledge base

Set Theme:

Changes the theme for the controller UI:


When selected, plain text is black and the background is white.


When selected, plain text is white and the background is black.

SDN Controller Version:

Displays the version of the controller software that is running on this system.

collapse icon

Collapses the window.

Expanding the SDN user window

To expand the SDN User window, from the top banner, click sdn user window icon.

Collapsing the SDN user window

To collapse the SDN User window, do one of the following:

  • In the SDN User window, click collapse icon.

  • From the top banner, click sdn user window icon.

Logging out of the controller

To log out of the controller UI:

  • From the SDN User window, select Logout.