Resetting the switch admin password using the Service OS console

Perform this task only when the switch (Product OS) admin user password has been forgotten.

  • You are connected to the switch through the console port.

  • You know the Service OS password (if configured).


    If you forget the Service OS password, the only recourse is to zeroize the switch, reverting it to factory defaults. For information see Zeroization in the Diagnostics and Supportability Guide.

  1. Reboot the switch.
  2. At the boot prompt, select 0. Service OS Console.
    0. Service OS Console
    1. Primary Software Image [XL.01.01.0001]
    2. Secondary Software Image [XL.01.01.0002]
  3. At the Switch Login prompt, enter admin and press Enter. If prompted for a Service OS password, enter it and press Enter.
    Switch login: admin
    Password: **********
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  4. At the SVOS> prompt, enter password and press Enter.
  5. Enter the new switch (Product OS) password at both password prompts.
    SVOS> password
    Enter password: ************
    Confirm password: ************ 
  6. Enter boot and press Enter.
    SVOS> boot
    ServiceOS Information:
        Version: GT.01.01.0006
        Build Date: 2018-03-01 14:52:31 PDT
        Build ID: ServiceOS:GT.01.01.0001:461519208911:20180301452
        SHA: 46151920891195cdb2267ea6889a3c6cbc3d4193
    Boot Profiles:
    0. Service OS Console
    1. Primary Software Image [XL.01.01.0001]
    2. Secondary Software Image [XL.01.01.0001]
    Select profile(primary):
  7. To boot with the primary switch image press 1 and then Enter. To boot with the secondary switch image, press 2 and then Enter. If you make no selection for approximately 10 seconds, the switch boots the default image. The default is shown in parentheses to the right of Select profile, for example: Select profile(primary):.
  8. Once in AOS-CX, save the configuration to make the admin login user account password setting persistent.