Resetting the admin password by reverting the switch to factory defaults


This task erases all switch configuration, reverting the switch to its factory default state. Consider using other less-impacting techniques for admin password reset. For example, another administrator user can reset the admin user password to a known value. See also Resetting the switch admin password using the Service OS console.

If wanted, you have saved a copy of the switch configuration.
  1. At the manager command prompt, enter erase startup-config.
    switch# erase startup-config
  2. Enter boot system, responding n to the Do you want to save the current configuration prompt and then responding y to the Continue prompt.
    switch# boot system
    Do you want to save the current configuration (y/n)? n
    This will reboot the entire switch and render it unavailable
    until the process is complete.
    Continue (y/n)? y
    The system is going down for reboot.
  3. At the login prompt, enter admin and press Enter. The admin password remains empty until it is set.