Interfaces — VLANs


VLAN Box View: Indicates which ports are members of the selected VLAN. Color and shape indicators are used to differentiate between port types and membership. Editing port membership can also be done through the box view.

Device VLAN Info: Displays the general VLAN information pertaining to the device.

VLAN Details: Displays a range of details regarding the selected VLAN. Select a VLAN by clicking it in the table.

All VLANs: Displays all configured VLANs on the device including information regarding each of the configured VLANs. This information includes:

  • Status

  • IP information

  • Port membership

Select a VLAN in the table to view more information.

Edit General VLAN Info: Configure VLAN properties on the device. Configuration options include:

  • Setting the primary and management VLAN

  • Enabling or disabling GVRP

  • Setting the maximum number of VLANs

Edit VLAN: Edit the properties and port membership of an existing VLAN.

Create VLAN: Create a VLAN.

Delete VLAN: Delete an existing VLAN.

Edit VLAN via Box View: Select Ports in the box view to add or remove that port from the currently selected VLAN. Use the dropdown option in the header to change the port type.

Magnify Box View: Magnify the box view to display up to six VLANs in a single port to view VLAN membership. Double-click in the magnifier to cycle to the next VLAN if more than six are present. Press the Esc key to exit the magnifier.