Interfaces — Monitor


Interface Monitor Graph: Monitors up to six interface metrics at a given time.

  • There are approximately two dozen metrics to choose from on any interface; all except utilization are expressed as per-second rates (for example, frames/second).

  • Metrics may be monitored on a single interface or across multiple interfaces. The total number monitored at any juncture is limited to six or fewer.

  • Only interfaces that are enabled and up may be selected.

  • Metrics can be hidden from the graph by selecting the corresponding graph icon in the toolbar at the top of the graph.

  • Metric collection is started anew each time this view is entered.

Pause and Play Graph: Use the pause and play icons in the upper right corner of the graph to start and stop the display of data points on the graph.

  • Pausing the graph will not pause the collection of interface monitor data.

  • Upon restarting the graph, the data points collected while the graph was paused will be filled in.

Graph Options: Select the Graph Settings icon in the upper right corner of the graph to select interfaces and metrics to graph data for.