Image Streamer AMVM is unavailable


AMVM is unavailable. If AMVM is not installed on the appliance, the Appliance Virtual Machine section on the Deployment Appliances screen in HPE Synergy Image Streamer user interface displays the following message:

Appliance Virtual machine is not available on the deployment appliance.

If the logical enclosure creation is not successful, when you try to edit the Appliance Virtual Machine settings from the Actions > Edit virtual machine settings, the user interface displays the following message:

To create virtual machine settings, you must first create a logical enclosure for the deployment appliance.

Solution 1

AMVM is not created during creation of logical enclosure.

  1. Verify the status message displayed in the description of Update Image Streamer task on Activity page in Image Streamer.
  2. Use the following API to reinstall the AMVM, if the Update Image Streamer task description displays the error message: Failed to create amvm:
    1. Use the GET command to read the current network configuration:

      curl -ikg -H 'X-API-Version : 300' -H 'Auth : <Authtoken>' -X GET https://<ImageStreamerClusterIPFromBrowser>/rest/appliance/i3s/amvm

      GET response: {"managementipv4address": "MGMT_IP", "managementipv4gateway": "MGMT_GW", "dataipv4address": "DATA_IP", "managementipv4subnet": "MGMT_MASK", "dataipv4subnet": "DATA_MASK", "amvmstate": "shut off"}

    2. Use the DELETE command to uninstall AMVM. This command is useful when creation of logical enclosure attempted an AMVM installation but failed to install AMVM.

      curl -ikg -H 'X-API-Version : 300' -H 'Auth : <Authtoken>' -X DELETE https://<ImageStreamerClusterIPFromBrowser>/rest/appliance/i3s/amvm

      DELETE response: {"status": "success", "reason": ""}

      To remove AMVM from the standby node of the Image Streamer appliance pair, append ?ispeerrequest=true to the previously mentioned URL.

    3. Use the POST command to install and configure AMVM. Use the same IP details that you obtained using the GET command:

      curl -ikg -H 'X-API-Version:300' -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -H 'Auth: <Authtoken>' -X POST https://<ImageStreamerClusterIPFromBrowser>/rest/appliance/i3s/amvm -d '{"mgmtipv4subnet": "MGMT_MASK","mgmtipv4gateway": "MGMT_GW","amvmhostname": "amvmhost","dataipv4": "DATA_IP","dataipv4subnet": "DATA_MASK", "mgmtipv4": "MGMT_IP"}'

      POST response: {"reason": "", "status": "success"}

      To install AMVM on the standby node of the Image Streamer appliance pair, append ?ispeerrequest=true to the previously mentioned URL.


      AMVM installation takes approximately 2-3 minutes. Do not terminate the operation while it is in progress.


      At any instance, AMVM runs on only one of the cluster nodes, active or standby.

Solution 2

The active appliance hosting the virtual machine fails.

Reissue the REST call for starting the virtual machine on the new active appliance. For information on how to reissue the REST call, see HPE Synergy Image Streamer Help.