Creating a Protection Group

  1. On the left pane of the vSphere Web Client, click HPE RMC-V.
  2. On the left pane of the RMC-V plug-in, click Protection > Protection Groups.
  3. Click + Create.
  4. Specify the following details of the Protection Group:

    A name for the Group.


    A meaningful description.

    • Group level— All resources in the group are collectively protected, at the same consistency level. Before creating a storage snapshot, all the VMs are quiesced at the same time. Use this option only if you want to maintain group-level consistency.

    • Resource level— each resource in the group is individually protected, all at different consistency levels. Individual VMs or all VMs in a datastore are quiesced independently and then separate storage snapshots are created. Use this option if the VMs need similar protection and if the group-level consistency is not required.

  5. (For Group-level consistency) Click VALIDATE.
  6. Select the resources that you want to add to the Protection Group.

    Use the Object Type filter to display the resources based on their type. For example to view all the datastores, select Datastores from the drop-down list.

    Use the Protect later option to create a Protection Group without a Copy Policy. Assign a Copy Policy later to protect the Group and to create Copies.

  7. Specify the following protection details:
    Copy Policy

    Click Select and then select a Copy Policy.

    Application Consistent

    To create application-consistent snapshots, turn on the toggle.

    Effective From

    Select the date and time from when the schedule has to start. To set the current time as the start time, click Now.

    Email Notification

    Click Select and then select an email notification.

  8. Review the summary and then click Protect.