Protection Groups

A Protection Group is a folder-like structure that can contain multiple VMs, datastores or storage folders that you want to protect using RMC. Protection Groups are used for easier management of protection jobs and schedules. For example, you can group all the VMs or datastores that are associated with an application or a department using a single Copy Policy. You can then manage the Protection Group using a single schedule or protection job.

You can add or remove VMs and datastores from a Protection Group at any time. However, when associated with array-based replication groups, you cannot modify the Protection Group.


You cannot add a combination of VMs and datastores to a single Protection Group. Similarly, you cannot add a combination of VMFS VMs and VVol VMs to a single Protection Group.

Use the Protect later option to create a Protection Group without a Copy Policy. Assign a Copy Policy later to protect the Group and to create Copies.

A Protection Group can be created at group-level consistency or resource-level consistency.