Unable to edit Remote Copy configuration


While trying to add or remove Remote Copy links or targets in HPE SSMC, an error message displays stating that it is unable to edit the Remote Copy configuration. All systems in the configuration are not selected or authorized.


One of the storage systems has failed or was disconnected.

In this example, one of the storage systems was disconnected from HPE SSMC.

  1. In HPE SSMC, verify that the filter is set to All systems on the Remote Copy Configurations screen.
  2. Make note of the storage systems in the configuration.
  3. Access the Systems screen under Storage Systems.
  4. Under Health, review the State of each system.
  5. If the state is failed, fix the reason for the failure, and then try your edits again.
  6. If the state is not connected, go to the HPE SSMC Administrator Console.
  7. On the HPE SSMC Administrator console, select the system.
  8. Fix the reason for the failure, and then click Actions > Connect.