Virtual volume in a Remote Copy group is in a stale state


The CLI showrcopy or showrcopy groups command shows a volume in a stale state.

  1. Wait 30 minutes before checking the status again to see if the volume comes out of the stale state.
    cli% showrcopy groups
    Remote Copy System Information
    Status: Started, Normal
    Group Information
    Name         Target     Status   Role       Mode     Options
    SysBGroup1   SysB_pri   Started  Primary    Sync
      LocalVV       ID   RemoteVV      ID   SyncStatus  LastSyncTime
      AB10         15642 AB10.0       16102 Stale       NA
      AB11         15643 AB11.1       16103 Stale       NA
  2. Start the Remote Copy group.
  3. If the volume remains in a stale state, contact HPE Support.