Configuring the management console

The Settings page allows you to configure the resources required to manage the HPE StoreEasy Storage system. You can configure:
  • Quota Templates: Create, edit, and delete quota templates and set notification thresholds. You can set email alerts, log an event, run a command, and create a notification report when the quota usage reaches the defined threshold limit.
  • Networking and Proxy settings: Configure the network interfaces, network teams, and the network team interfaces. You can also configure your proxy settings.

  • Users: Add users to the management console of the HPE StoreEasy Storage system.
  • Systems: Change the system membership (workgroup and domain), or rename the system. You can also reboot the system, change the date and time and edit the iLO user.

  • Schedules: Create a schedule for when you need the snapshots. The snapshots are used as back up for the HPE StoreEasy management console.

  • Support information: Provide product warranty details and support information.

  • Management console updates: Manage management console update and downgrade.