Proxy settings

Only users with the Administrator role can modify the proxy settings.

If your organization is using a proxy server for accessing Internet resources, the HPE StoreEasy management console allows you to configure these settings for the HPE StoreEasy Storage system.

To configure proxy settings:

Navigate to Settings > Networking & proxy settings > Internet proxy settings.

Set the following options under the proxy settings:

Automatically detect Settings

If enabled, the system detects the correct proxy settings for your environment by querying http://wpad/wpad.dat, for a proxy configuration script.

Automatic configuration script

If enabled, this setting allows you to provide a custom proxy configuration script URL. For example:

Use proxy server for LAN

If enabled, this setting allows you to specify a custom proxy server address and port for each protocol, as required. If the Use the same for all protocols option is enabled, all protocols use the same proxy server configuration.

If enabled, Bypass proxy for local addresses allows you to bypass an active proxy when accessing local resources.


The management console controls the settings from LAN settings of the system.