External drive enclosures

Optional external drive enclosures (in combination with SmartArray P408e-p controllers) are used to expand the maximum available capacity for an HPE StoreEasy Storage system. The maximum number of drive enclosures that can be added to a system is based on both:

  • The number of drive enclosures

  • The number of drives per controller

For the system supported external controller P408e-p, the maximum number of drives supported is 238 drives, or eight D3000 enclosures, or three D6020 enclosures connected to a single controller.

The following drive enclosure models are available for storage expansion:
Drive enclosure model Drive slots Drive form factor Maximum raw capacity1
HPE D3610 12 LFF 144 TB
HPE D3710 25 SFF 50 TB
HPE D6020 70 LFF 840 TB

The maximum raw capacity depends on the individual drive capacity that is used.

The maximum number of SSD drives is 25 SSDs per controller.

More information

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