Internal drive enclosures

Every HPE StoreEasy Storage system has an internal drive enclosure that is part of the base unit. The internal drive enclosure is configured in the factory and is not altered. Physically altering the internal drive enclosure is supported. For example, the configuration of the drives might be altered to include smart caching drives on the 1660 and 1860 to reduce raw storage. Smart cache drives can only be used for caching and not storage.

StoreEasy model number Maximum drive slots Drive form factor Maximum raw capacity
1460 4 LFF 32.0 TB
1560 8 LFF 64.0 TB
1660 16 LFF 192.0 TB
1860 28 SFF 67.2 TB

The maximum raw capacity for any product model depends on the individual drive capacity used. For the 1560, 1660, and 1860 models, the optional internal expansion cages are included in the maximum limits.

For more details on drive configuration options, see QuickSpecs.