HPE Telco Blueprint validated combinations for expansion kit

This topic provides information on the expansion kit combinations validated with the specific Virtual Infrastructure Manager offerings.

Compute expansion

The following table provides the validated combination for the scale up and scale out for compute expansion:
Table 5: Compute expansion
Expansion type Aruba switches Cumulus switches

Scale up - within the rack

In the initial deployment, a maximum of 11 worker nodes can be installed with a pair of Aruba switches

A maximum of 8 worker nodes

Scale out - across the rack

A maximum of 16 worker nodes

A maximum of 12 worker nodes

Storage expansion

The following table provides the details for storage expansion:
Table 6: Storage expansion
Storage type Expansion options

HPE Storage All Flash Array AF60

  • Drive shelves: Maximum number of drive shelves - two. Each expansion shelf can install 48 drives.

  • Capacity: Up to 553 TB raw, 2073 TB effective capacity


For more information on HPE Nimble storage expansion, see HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays Quick Specs.