HPE Telco Blueprints Mix-and-Match options

HPE Telco Blueprints have a modular design which offers you the following benefits:
  • Select validated Networking, Storage, Hardware, or VIM options that best match your business needs.

  • Customize your Telco environment by mixing and matching the components.

In this topic you will learn about:
  • List of validated blueprint combinations that you can deploy:
    • Using optional NPS toolkit to deploy a blueprint end-to-end.

    • Or, using optional NPS toolkit to deploy selected logical blocks (hardware and network) to create a customized Telco environment.

  • List of hardware components for starter kit, expansion kit, and management and data network combination.

  • List of software and firmware components.

  • Reasons why a certain configuration was selected for validation.

  • Recommendations on how to select a different hardware component is also provided.