Network diagram

Following is a generic representation of HPE Telco Core Blueprint network diagram using VxLAN-based configuration.
Figure 2: Generic VxLAN-based network diagram
The data switch is used for the following VLANs, which are used to segregate the network traffic for different purposes.
Table 3: Telco Blueprint VLAN configuration
VLAN Name RHOCP Network Description
iLO-OOBM Management iLO-OOBM network.
OAM Operation and Management network Operation and Management network for connectivity to NTP, DNS, LDAP type of infrastructure services.
OCP OpenShift Container Platform network
OpenShift Container Platform network is used to:
  • PXE boot the RHCOS and RHEL machines

  • To provide the cluster connectivity between the master and worker nodes.

Provider VLAN Provider VLAN

Range of VLANs allotted for SR-IOV networks.

The following diagram provides an overview of sample topology of an Underlay configuration that includes Spine and Border Leaf switch network connectivities to the data switches.
Figure 39: Sample Topology for Underlay configuration