ZTP with AirWave Network Management

Beginning with switch software release 16.01, ZTP with AirWave Network Management is supported on the following switch models covered in this guide:

  • 3800 (KA software)

  • 3810 (KB software)

  • 5400R (KB software)

AirWave is a Network Management Solution (NMS) tool. Once connected to AirWave using the WebUI and CLI interfaces, you can:

  • Configure your switches using Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

  • Configure your switches using the CLI

  • Troubleshoot your switches

  • Monitor your switches

  • Upgrade your firmware for your switches

Once you have configured your switch, you can monitor, manage, and upgrade your hardware using the AirWave Management Platform.

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  • DHCP server

  • AirWave NMS

  • HPE Aruba switches