Switch configuration

To configure your switch, follow these steps:

  1. Configure AirWave details in DHCP (preferred method).

    [NOTE: ]

    NOTE: If you are using existing HPE switches and using the DHCP server for the configuration or firmware management, you can configure the AirWave details in DHCP using this method: Configure AirWave details in DHCP (alternate method)

  2. If you are configuring the switch using a CLI, see Configure a switch using the CLI

    If you are using ZTP, the configuration is automatic and does not require any user interaction, see Zero Touch Provisioning

The switch contacts the AirWave server that is configured on the switch and initiates the check-in process.

Once you have configured the DHCP server, the AirWave details received from the DHCP options are stored in the switch configuration. This assures that the configuration is retained across reboots.

Once AirWave completes the switch check-in, it lists the first switch as New Devices. The first switch is used to create a new configuration template for the specific group and device type. With this new template, the required configuration is generated for the group. Subsequent switch of the specific type and joining the same group as the first device are added directly to the group and the configuration is pushed using the configuration template via a SSH connection.