PBR action list maximum entries

There is a limit of eight entries per action list and a limit of 512 unique entries across the entire system. This value restricts the sum of all unique next-hops, default-nexthops, tunnel interfaces, and null interfaces applied to all Layer 3 interfaces across all VRFs. A given set of entries that are unique in one VRF - count against this limit if the set is applied in another VRF.

For example, a given next-hop specified in an action list applied to an interface counts against the limit once. If that same next-hop address is entered in a different action list and applied to another interface in the same VRF, this next-hop is not unique in the VRF and does not affect the limit further. If one of those action lists (that specify the address) is applied to an interface in a different VRF, the entry will affect the limit since addresses are unique to each VRF.

Another example is if two PBR action lists with eight unique next-hop entries (for a total of 16 unique next-hops) are configured as PBR actions in a policy. If that policy is applied to 32 route-only ports (each of which is in a different VRF), the entry supply will be exhausted.


The specified capabilities and capacities limit for unique VRFs is 33.